About Us

Chief Principals Leisa Sarecky and Andrea Keller first met at The Little Gym of Olney in 2005 where their daughters took a class together. They quickly became fast friends and learned they had a lot in common and both worked from home. As working moms, they would compare notes, talk about how fortunate they were to be able to work from home and see their children everyday but how they discovered there were never enough hours in the day! One challenge was the birthday and holiday gift shopping. They found themselves struggling trying to find the time to buy the right presents for various occasions while at home working and taking care of their children.

What if there was a way to buy gifts online that had a purpose or direct meaning for a child, like a charity or college fund? A gift possibly other than a toy that would last longer than the batteries that came with it? A gift that also provided an eco-friendly way to give in our ever changing world? And, so, triplethegift.com was born. The gift where each gift is three gifts in one.

Andrea Keller grew up in Rockville, Maryland. She is a graduate of Radford University and has been in the printing business for over 15 years. She resides in Olney, Maryland with her husband, Doug, and their 2 daughters.

Leisa Sarecky grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is a graduate of University of Maryland College Park and has been a CPA for over 18 years. She resides in Brookeville, Maryland with her husband, Ed, and their 2 children.

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